How to Avoid the Boiler Blues

The majority of homes have either a gas or an oil boiler providing heat and hot water – something we take for granted, until something goes wrong.

When our boiler gives no trouble, it might seem that it will merrily go on forever.

However, too many people do not understand their boiler needs the same care as any other part of the home.

Regular servicing is not just important, but essential. A registered plumbing and heating expert should be your first port of call.

Indeed, smart homeowners have the date when their gas or oil boiler service is needed, marked in their calendars.

Your boiler might seem as if it is a simple box, but behind that simple exterior is a complex piece of equipment. It is vital that you have qualified plumbing and heating expert perform the service.

A properly qualified plumber will have been trained in how to examine the boiler, identify areas such as pressure, and above all make sure it is safe.

For a relatively small cost you can avoid issues that may arise. At Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating we have seen how much it can cost if a boiler is not serviced regularly and properly.

Major problems may arise that will be much more expensive, and could see the need for a new boiler and all the costs that may entail.

The majority of issues you need to remember are: regular servicing of your boiler at least annually; always use a registered plumbing and heating expert; and, it is a small cost in comparison to what it could cost down the line.

At Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating we want you to have a warm, welcoming home, let us help by booking your boiler service now.

If you need us to look at your boiler, contact us today 01 437 9577  or on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us:


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