Many Plumbers in Dublin - How To Choose the Best One?

You'll never be short of plumbers in Dublin. There are over a million residents in the city area, with homes that all need plumbing services at one point or another. When the time comes to address those requirements – you’ll want a plumber that will get the job done quickly, effectively, and at an affordable rate.

Not all plumbers are as efficient as each other - and searching ones on the internet may not give you the correct service for you. We have an understanding of what to look out for when choosing the best plumbers in Dublin.


5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Plumbers in Dublin

'Plumbers Dublin' searches can yield hundreds of results, if not thousands. Finding good plumbers that will address all your home's needs can present a challenge. However, we've got a few ideas that will help in how to choose the best one. Find our top 5 tips below:


1. Ask about the plumber's experience

There are certainly plenty of Dublin plumbers to choose from - some definitely more capable than others, though. When deciding on a plumber, it's best to have a chat about their past jobs. See what they've done, and suggest they walk you through the process. Ask if they have any plumbing specialties that they are better in than others - and maybe if they have any references. Lots of experience means a plumber can get the job done effectively!


2. Make sure they are fully qualified, licensed, and insured

Many plumbers in Dublin will offer severely cut rates for their services. It can seem too good to be true - and that is because it often is. Unqualified, not licensed, and uninsured contractors will service your home only to make quick cash - without any care of what happens after their visit. Plumbers that aren't professional can do a lot more harm than good - double-check their credentials.


3. Enquire about how much they charge

Good plumbers will give their clients a breakdown of all their rates and be fully transparent and honest with their services. Several Dublin plumbers may seem quite competitive with their prices - but will catch you with hidden costs from complications during the job. Ask the plumber whether their charges include a full-service - or what the extra costs are should things not go to plan.


4. Are they available for emergencies?

There's nothing worse than your home unexpectedly springing a leak or your boiler breaking down on a cold winter's day. Having a plumber ready to jump into action at a moment's notice is a comforting feeling. Some plumbers in Dublin won't work weekends - but good ones will be available for emergencies 24/7.


5. What are their communication skills like?

You'll be able to gauge this in your search for plumbers in Dublin. As a client, you want to make sure your plumber is respectful, courteous, honest, and transparent. Having a friendly and communicative contractor will deliver the best services - ones that are a bit secretive or found with a lack of words may want to be avoided.


Here's Where To Start in Your Search for Plumbers Dublin

If you don't feel like spending time filtering the best plumbers in Dublin - we can help kickstart your search. Here is a plumbing service that fits into all the 5 categories above, like a dream. There are plenty to choose from, and some services may suit your home more than others - but here is a decent place to start.


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How to Avoid the Boiler Blues

The majority of homes have either a gas or an oil boiler providing heat and hot water – something we take for granted, until something goes wrong.

When our boiler gives no trouble, it might seem that it will merrily go on forever.

However, too many people do not understand their boiler needs the same care as any other part of the home.

Regular servicing is not just important, but essential. A registered plumbing and heating expert should be your first port of call.

Indeed, smart homeowners have the date when their gas or oil boiler service is needed, marked in their calendars.

Your boiler might seem as if it is a simple box, but behind that simple exterior is a complex piece of equipment. It is vital that you have qualified plumbing and heating expert perform the service.

A properly qualified plumber will have been trained in how to examine the boiler, identify areas such as pressure, and above all make sure it is safe.

For a relatively small cost you can avoid issues that may arise. At Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating we have seen how much it can cost if a boiler is not serviced regularly and properly.

Major problems may arise that will be much more expensive, and could see the need for a new boiler and all the costs that may entail.

The majority of issues you need to remember are: regular servicing of your boiler at least annually; always use a registered plumbing and heating expert; and, it is a small cost in comparison to what it could cost down the line.

At Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating we want you to have a warm, welcoming home, let us help by booking your boiler service now.

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