5 Best Central Heating Systems for Your Home in Ireland

Staying warm during those cold and damp Irish winters is at the top of every homeowner's mind when the season comes around. Are you finding that there isn't enough heat around your property, or energy bills are far too high? It might be time to consider a new central heating system for homes.


5 Central Heating Systems for Homes That Are Best in Ireland

There are a few options at the ready for a central heating system for homes. We've searched far and wide and found the ones that we think are best tailored to Ireland. The factors of cost, effectiveness, and efficiency are considered - all with how easy they are to operate. Don't worry about setting them up - there are pros in Dublin that can help with that! Our top 5 central heating systems for homes include:


1. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is one of the more popular options for homes in Ireland. This is mainly because of the number of benefits it provides. Those include high levels of comfort, energy efficiency, and even heat application throughout the home. The heating system is efficient both in practice and in energy.


2. Air to Water Heat Pumps

Those looking to cut down on their energy costs will find a lot to love with air to water heat pumps. The heating system takes in the air from the outside and uses it to warm up your radiators, water, and other heaters in your home. Costs saved can be up to 75% - that's why businesses and larger homes tend to have air to water heating systems installed.


3. Solar Panels

Environmentally-friendly and a big saver on bills - solar panels are becoming another popular choice in Ireland. Professionals can help install these pieces in your home quickly to start your savings almost instantly and heat your home without producing any carbon emissions. Your neighbours and community will thank you!


4. Wood Pellet Boilers

Those that prefer a more manual way to heat your home would enjoy a wood pellet boiler. Instead of using gas or oil, the device provides hot water and heating by burning wood pellets. The machine would need to be re-fuelled, but it's a great way to keep tabs on the heating around your home - keeping it nice and warm whenever you need it.


5. Heat Recovery Ventilation

A heat recovery ventilation device is a modern approach to central heating for homes in Ireland. They work best with new or renovated homes - but save on cost and energy in the long term. HRV's convert evaporated hot water from bathrooms and kitchens, clean it up, and disperse it around your home like warm, fresh air.


Picking the Right Central Heating Systems For Your Home

Picking the right central heating system may seem a bit overwhelming, considering it's a long-term investment in your property. If you can't find the information you're looking for - or need some help choosing - there a knowledgeable Dublin team specializing in heating system installation. They'd only be too happy to help in picking the best one!


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Reducing Home Energy Costs with a Solar Energy Grant


Have you ever thought about how green energy, such as solar heating systems, can benefit your home? Today in Dublin, energy costs are shooting through the roof. We are using more power than ever to run our demanding appliances and amenities - especially as we stay home more.

There are solutions, though, to help keep those costs down. Many services are dedicated to assisting neighbourhoods in installing the solar heating systems with grants added on top. Secondary to that - you can be a friendly face to the local environment. Adding a solar energy system can bring a world of good to yourself and the community. More importantly, you can hang on to a few more of those valuable euros.


The Benefits of Solar Energy

The number of benefits you can gain from installing solar energy appliances in your home sees no limits. You can consider it an investment in the future of your home - increasing its value and reducing the carbon footprint.

Here below are the top advantages of a solar heating system in your residence.


  1. Save on your monthly bills.

Hundreds of euros a year can be saved by switching to solar energy. That leftover cash can be used more to your liking instead of spending it on increasing household costs.


  1. Live in a healthier home.

There's a reason why so many new houses and developments are choosing clean energy - it makes your home a healthier place to live. Greenhouse gas emissions will be cut down, meaning you can breathe more fresh air every day.


  1. Get incentives for going green.

Here's the big one many people often overlook. There are government grants and tax refunds to gain from installing solar energy systems in your home. It's almost as if you are being paid to generate electricity for your residence!


Solar Heating Systems are the First Step to Reducing Costs


If you're on board to start the clean energy revolution in your home, you can begin with a solar heating system. It will be the first step to making a beneficial change. Solar panels will be installed on your house by professionals - and before you know it - the power of the sun will provide the heating around your home at a reduced cost.


Where Can I Find Solar Heating Systems in Dublin?

As Ireland continues to look for clean energy for the future, more homeware and contractors offer solar options. They may not be immediately available in your local area - but luckily, there's enough information on where to get one. Simply contact us for your solar heating system. Our winters are cold, and more cost-effective heat is always a better option!


Get Your Solar Heating System Setup and Reap the Rewards

Now you understand the advantages to be had in solar energy, you can get started now and start taking in the benefits. There are grants available and we can walk you through the application process. If you're ready to start reaping the rewards of solar energy – Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating is an excellent place to start.

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3 Most Popular Heating Systems in Ireland – To Ask Your Contractor About

We all know heating systems are essential to help us through the Irish winters and keep a happy home. Homeowners are continually searching for ways to better their comfort, be friendly to the environment, and save on energy costs. This has led to particular heating systems choices - and these are the 3 most popular ones Dublin contractors are asked about.


What are the 3 Most Popular Heating Systems in Ireland?

Heating systems contractors in Dublin are often asked about these 3 heating practices. If you're looking for a new heating system - ask your professional about the following:


1. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is arguably the most popular choice for heating systems in Ireland. The well-rounded home asset delivers a comforting level of warmth throughout your home - not just where the heat sources are. They are one of the most energy-efficient and practical ways to warm up your house on colder days.

Heating systems contractors in Dublin find themselves asked pretty frequently about installing Underfloor Heating Systems. They are easy to install for both new homes and existing ones and easily controlled by a thermostat. Not to mention - they don't require a lot of maintenance either. Once installed, a contractor will rarely have to fix it again.


2. Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Another heating system in Ireland gaining in popularity is the air-to-water heat pump. The main factor that catches homeowners' interest is how much money these nifty devices save on heating bills - even up to 75%. They are being lauded as one of the most efficient heating systems currently available on the market.

The air-to-water heat pump works by absorbing air from the outside, then refining it into usable heat from your radiators and water systems. More and more businesses adopt these heating systems as they are very effective in large spaces - heating thoroughly and saving costs. A good heating system contractor in Dublin will be able to install an air-to-water heat pump without hassle.


3. Solar Panels

As Ireland becomes more eco-friendly - solar panels are present in an increasing amount of Irish homes. While it may take a bit more investment to get this heating system installed - it yields bountiful rewards once it's ready to go. Homeowners will find that their energy bills will be reduced to a fraction of what they once were. Solar heating systems do not require too much maintenance either.

Heating systems contractors in Dublin are being asked about these more - and a proficient one should have the answers you seek. Installing solar panels on your home will require a bit more planning - but it is the heating system of the future. It's worth taking the leap now - because it's likely most new homes will have these heating systems.


Want One of The Above? There are Heating Systems Contractors in Dublin That Can Help!

Quality heating systems contractors in Dublin will know the details of the most popular ones in Ireland. If you're looking to change up your current system - or need some fine-tuning of an existing one - contact us - Dublin-based plumbing and heating contractor. No questions are too challenging or too easy - and the heating system will be installed function perfectly!

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Is It Time To Replace Your Boiler?

In and around Dublin there are many properties that have ageing heating systems, with houses that are decades old, and more. Many householders do not realise that their properties may be costing them hundreds every year through an inefficient and old boiler.

Newer boilers are geared up to be more efficient and safer.

However, be aware that if you are considering having a new boiler installed avoid the hard sale, and instead speak to a registered Dublin plumbing and heating expert. They are qualified not only to install a new gas or oil boiler but to advise on the best make and type, whether it will be suitable for your house or any other issues surrounding your system.

We, at Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating have an experienced, trained team that can provide these services.

Many times we have been called to repair or service boilers that are too old, too expensive and could be described as being on their last legs.

No one wants to see hundreds of euros go up in smoke. Indeed, the return-on-investment for a new boiler can be in just two or three years.

While the majority of new boilers we install are for existing homeowners a new trend is emerging - buyers. A thorough survey of the house prior to purchase, whether for yourself or your mortgage company, may include a close look at gas or oil heating and its efficiency.

Excited new buyers will be considering a new bathroom suite and not realise that warm shower or relaxing bath is going to increase their energy costs each month.

When you have your plumber out putting up a ‘fancy’ rainforest shower it would be a good idea to have them look at your boiler. It may just need a regular service, a minor repair, but it could be that a new boiler is not only important in terms of money, but essential in terms of safety.

It’s true that a registered Dublin plumber could be your best friend and the best friend for your bank account!

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Heating Systems for Homes – Which One Will Save You Most Amount of Money

If there are two things Irish homeowners love, it's good heating in the wintertime and saving money. Who said that you couldn't have the best of both worlds? Remarkable advancements in heating systems for homes are now allowing houses to save more than ever on household energy bills - and some really help cut costs.


4 Heating Systems For Homes That Can Save You Money

Revolutionary new heating systems are coming out all the time with the promises to save you money. Those who enjoy having a bit of extra cash are constantly on the lookout for ways to optimize household costs, and heating is definitely at the forefront of interest. We've tried and tested the best heating systems and found the ones that will save you the most money.


1. Solar Heating System

The upfront costs of a solar heating system may be a little steeper - but the amount of money you can save in the future makes it worthwhile. By its namesake, the solar system uses sunlight to heat up your home. Maintenance costs are minimal and can save up to 75% on heating bills in Ireland.


2. High-Efficiency Boiler

Furnaces and boilers may sound a bit dated - but there are newer models of very affordable boilers. Most importantly, they are very efficient. Making them an excellent choice as a heating system for your home. They can save quite a bit on your energy bills - as well as being easy for a professional to install in your home.


3. Wood Pellet Heating System

Wood pellet heating systems for homes are some of the most efficient devices out there. It's estimated that it can save up to 80% on your energy bills and not too expensive to install. The heating system burns waste wood, so fuel is cheaper to obtain, with no carbon dioxide emissions being created from the boiler. The downside is they might need a bit more maintenance.


4. Underfloor Heating System

One of Ireland's most popular heating systems for homes is the underfloor system. It might be a tad bit more expensive to run than the others - but it evenly distributes heat around your house for maximum comfort. Most new installations are energy efficient, so you will still be saving more on bills than conventional boilers.


Which Will Save The Most Money?

Sometimes that amount of the most energy-efficient won't save you the most money. The 4 heating systems for homes listed above are definitely some of the best options - but there are other factors to consider. Installation and maintenance costs may differ in your home, pending its viability with the heating system. Professionals will always be able to let you know exactly how much each system will save you altogether.


Who Can Help Install The Heating Systems?

Once you've found the right money-saving heating system for your home - good contractors in Dublin can help install them. We are very affordable and will install the heating system as efficiently as possible to save you cash.

Just contact us on 01 437 9577, on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: murphykieron@ymail.com and lets talk.



4 Ways to Save Money with Heating & Plumbing System for Your Home

One of the most frustrating and costly aspects of homeownership throughout Dublin - and Ireland in general - is energy and utility bills. Plumbing and heating systems may be inefficient and generating colossal expenses to pay every month. Finding the solutions can be tricky, given how unique some devices are and their complicated mechanics.

Luckily, some experienced plumbers understand the ins and outs of these systems. Plumbing and heating services Dublin can apply expertise and install new equipment that can save money on your bills. We'll share a few tips on how the right plumbers are worth having to come to take a look at your heating and plumbing systems.


4 Ways How a Plumber Can Save You Money For Your Heating and Plumbing Systems

We understand you might be a bit skeptical about the idea that a plumber can save you money. There's always a stigma attached to a contractor - they are trying to get the most cash out of clients. This is not true all the time! There are plumbing and heating services in Dublin that are proud of their trade and committed to helping communities save money. Here are four ways on how plumbers can help:


1. Organizing a maintenance schedule

Having a friendly plumber on hand can actually save you money on your heating and plumbing systems. If you organize a schedule for the maintenance professional to regularly visit - they can ensure everything is working well. Plumber call-out fees are much cheaper than fixing broken systems - and they might even give you a discount for regular work!


2. Checking your heating and plumbing systems for efficiency

Heating and plumbing systems can use up more energy than needed - mainly because they or outdated or have some malfunction. Getting a plumber to investigate the devices could yield an understanding of why your energy bills are so high. They will be able to make suggestions on how to improve efficiency and get costs down.


3. Replacing heating and plumbing systems that use a lot of energy

Plumbers are well-versed in the latest and greatest of heating and plumbing systems that save clients money. They can perform an energy audit of your home - walking you through the reasons why your bills may be high. A good plumber will know precisely what heating and plumbing system would be best for your home - and how it will save cash in the future.


4. Getting a good clean of your heating and plumbing systems

One thing that requires a bit of a plumber's expertise is cleaning heating and plumbing systems. To get the most value for your money - pipes and radiators should be free of sludge that can build up over time. Some plumbers will happily get your systems thoroughly cleaned to make sure no unnecessary energy is being expended.


Plumbing and Heating Services Dublin Are At Your Service!

Saving money on energy shouldn't have to be a challenge - it should be a right. There are plumbing and heating services in Dublin that serve as a helping hand in achieving those bill reductions. There's one here that will guide you through the entire process with a smile - honest, transparent, and dedicated to savings.


If you would like to save money with heating and plumbing system, feel free to contact our experts on 01 437 9577, on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: murphykieron@ymail.com and lets talk.


Best Ways to Save Money on Your Heating and Electricity

Have you ever opened a letter from an energy company, only to be screaming, "how is this costing so much?!" Unquestionably, the costs of heating and electricity are rising in Ireland. We are all looking to reduce these bills and put that money towards something a bit more treasured in our lives. There are definitely a few good ways to save on these bills.


5 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating and Electricity in Ireland

Many methods of saving money on heating and electricity have been passed down through generations. Some are really effective for your home - some maybe not so much. We've curated a few ways that we've found to be the broadest applications of reducing energy bills in Ireland. Find them below:


1. Switching energy providers to a new one every so often

The growing number of competitors means that more energy providers are vying for your business. Some of them are willing to offer excellent deals to get you on board - with prices that will save you quite a bit of cash. Shop around energy providers maybe every year and see what current deals are on the market!


2. Invest in a more energy-efficient heating system

Older homes and may use machinery that's a bit dated for the current day. They consume a lot of energy and will be very expensive to run against Ireland's rising energy costs. Investing in a brand new heating system may seem it will cost a pretty penny. But heating contractors in Dublin will be able to guide you to save plenty more cash in the future.


3. Switch off any idle appliances

Many household appliances such as televisions, washing machines, and dishwashers will have a standby mode. That means they are always on and ready to spring into action. However, this can consume a lot of energy unnecessarily. When these electrical appliances are not in use - make sure they are switched off completely.


4. Try some energy-conserving practices

There are things you can do that reduce the need for water and heating. Sometimes there's no need to use your appliances at all. Practices like shorter showers, filling up your washing machine, hanging clothes out to dry, wearing thicker jumpers. They all have a massive impact on reducing energy bills. It may seem trivial - but it does work!


5. Keep a good heating contractor in Dublin on retainer

Understandably, every energy-saving method out there may not be available to you. Some excellent contractors in Dublin are committed to helping clients save money. Should you find one, keep their contact details on your phone! When a new cash-saving energy practice becomes known - they will be the first to help.


Speaking to a Professional Might Save You Even More

There are many ways to save money on your heating and electricity bills - some may be unique to your home. Contacting a good heating contractor in Dublin can yield more information tailored to your home. There are professionals available that will be more than happy to discuss your options in reducing your energy bills.

If your boiler needs servicing, we will be happy to provide this service to you. Just contact us on 01 437 9577, on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: murphykieron@ymail.com and lets talk.


Save Money With Your Plumbing and Heating System

We're always looking to save in Ireland. Many homeowners will find that one of the most significant costs year-upon-year is energy. Thankfully, there are some small ways to save big on heating and plumbing systems. All it requires is a check here and there - and possibly a few upgrades to make sure future bills are reduced as much as they can be.


5 Ways You Can Save Money on Your Plumbing and Heating System in Ireland

There are plenty of tried and tested ways to save money on plumbing and heating systems passed down through generations. Here are 5 of our best methods:


1. Investigate your bathroom and kitchen assets.

A massive home expenditure tends to be utility bills - heating and water aren't getting any cheaper. You'll definitely want to make sure your toilets, dishwashers, and heating appliances are running at their best. Any leaks, breakages, or inefficiencies can increase the total cost of heat and water.


2. Check around the house for any drips or leaks.

Have a look around your home and check for puddles, drips, and leaks. If you find any water where it should be or are hearing the continuous sound of water striking a sink - there are some issues with your plumbing system. Professionals can come and identify all the sources of problems - making sure you are saving money rather than wasting it.


3. Get a more efficient water heater.

An efficient heating system is a significant player in reducing utility costs. If your heating bills are turning up astronomical every month - that's a key indicator your heater is inefficient. There are plenty of options to replace your water heater - the upfront cost might be a bit pricey, but the amount you save will be worth it!


4. Replace your faucets with newer models.

Most homeowners won't understand how a faucet actually has an effect on utility bills. Older ones are not as energy-conscious as some of the new ones - and eco-friendly faucets can reduce your water costs by up to 30%. It's worth having new faucets installed if you are looking to save a lot of money in the future.


5. Keep checking your water meter.

You won't need to check your water meter every five minutes - but keeping a regular eye on it indicates if there's a problem. If the meter is ticking, yet minimal water is coming through - you're probably spending cash on nothing! You can call a plumber immediately when you've noticed the issue - and save a lot of time, money, and hassle.


There Are Plumbers in Dublin Ready to Help You Save!

While these are only but a few methods to help save on future energy costs - there are many more. Our plumbers in Dublin have been renowned as some of the most effective contractors to help minimize bills - because we are dedicated to reducing costs just like you! Get in touch with us to discuss how you can make your heating and plumbing systems more efficient. 01 437 9577, mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: murphykieron@ymail.com.


How to Avoid the Boiler Blues

The majority of homes have either a gas or an oil boiler providing heat and hot water – something we take for granted, until something goes wrong.

When our boiler gives no trouble, it might seem that it will merrily go on forever.

However, too many people do not understand their boiler needs the same care as any other part of the home.

Regular servicing is not just important, but essential. A registered plumbing and heating expert should be your first port of call.

Indeed, smart homeowners have the date when their gas or oil boiler service is needed, marked in their calendars.

Your boiler might seem as if it is a simple box, but behind that simple exterior is a complex piece of equipment. It is vital that you have qualified plumbing and heating expert perform the service.

A properly qualified plumber will have been trained in how to examine the boiler, identify areas such as pressure, and above all make sure it is safe.

For a relatively small cost you can avoid issues that may arise. At Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating we have seen how much it can cost if a boiler is not serviced regularly and properly.

Major problems may arise that will be much more expensive, and could see the need for a new boiler and all the costs that may entail.

The majority of issues you need to remember are: regular servicing of your boiler at least annually; always use a registered plumbing and heating expert; and, it is a small cost in comparison to what it could cost down the line.

At Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating we want you to have a warm, welcoming home, let us help by booking your boiler service now.

If you need us to look at your boiler, contact us today 01 437 9577  or on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: murphykieron@ymail.com


6 Ways To Tell if Your Home Needs a Gas Boiler Service

One day your gas boiler is working; the next it’s not and you need to fork out for a brand new boiler, which will cost a pretty penny, to say the least.

It might all feel unexpected, but the chances are the boiler was already trying to warn you beforehand that something just wasn’t right. Unless you’re familiar with how boilers work, of course, it’s easy to miss the signs, especially when you don’t know them.

If you have a gas boiler and experience any of the six issues below, you should call an engineer because you may just need a boiler repair:

1. The pilot light keeps going out

The pilot light is the ignition source in the boiler. If this is not on, then the boiler can’t turn on its burners. The light should always be blue. If it turns yellow, you should contact a gas engineer immediately, since it could be a sign of carbon monoxide.

2. The radiators have become noisy

Central heating systems tend to make a bit of a noise anyway, but you should pay close attention to any changes in the types of sounds it’s making. If you hear a tapping sound in the pipes, there may be general debris starting to build up in the radiators; however, if sounds of vibration, humming or banging come from the radiators, there’s a problem with either your boiler or your central heating and you should contact an engineer to check them out.

3. The boiler leaks

If your boiler is leaking water, it’s possible that a valve, seal or other internal component of the boiler, is broken. Your boiler should never leak water. If it is, you need to call a gas engineer as soon as possible because if you leave it unchecked, the leak could cause structural damage or, at the least, an electrical short circuit. In the meantime, switch the boiler off until the engineer can check it for you.

4. The boiler smells funny

If the boiler emits a sulphurous, egg-like smell when it’s on, it’s likely you have a gas leak. This could be dangerous, so you should turn your boiler off and contact a gas engineer straight away. In fact, you may even need to replace your boiler. Listen carefully to the engineer and what they recommend.

5. Smoke or soot is coming from your boiler

It’s normal for there to be small soot stains around the boiler, but if there’s a lot of soot coming from the boiler, this is a sign that there are bigger issues. The large amounts of soot may be blocking heat transfer, which will push the boiler to work harder. In turn, this can ramp up your energy bills. If your boiler is emitting lots of soot or emitting smoke, contact an engineer.

6. The boiler is generally inefficient

Does the heating not warm your home as much as before, or as quickly as it used to? You might notice this especially in winter. There may be an air-pressure problem and you may just need to bleed your radiators to solve it. Do you find yourself constantly adjusting the boiler pressure? Perhaps the hot water takes too long to heat up? There could be a blockage in your system that’s causing your boiler not to fire on all cylinders. Failing that, the boiler might be simply starting to give up the ghost.

Keep your eye open for these issues and if you spot any of them happening to your boiler, contact an engineer and book a gas boiler service sooner rather than later. You can maintain your boiler by having it cleaned and serviced regularly. Acting on these tell-tale signs can help stop you from having to replace it for longer.

We are here to help should you need us, send us a note from our Contact Us page, or give us a call on the numbers below:

01 437 9577