Reducing Home Energy Costs with a Solar Energy Grant

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Have you ever thought about how green energy, such as solar heating systems, can benefit your home? Today in Dublin, energy costs are shooting through the roof. We are using more power than ever to run our demanding appliances and amenities - especially as we stay home more.

There are solutions, though, to help keep those costs down. Many services are dedicated to assisting neighbourhoods in installing the solar heating systems with grants added on top. Secondary to that - you can be a friendly face to the local environment. Adding a solar energy system can bring a world of good to yourself and the community. More importantly, you can hang on to a few more of those valuable euros.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

The number of benefits you can gain from installing solar energy appliances in your home sees no limits. You can consider it an investment in the future of your home - increasing its value and reducing the carbon footprint.

Here below are the top advantages of a solar heating system in your residence.

  1. Save on your monthly bills.

Hundreds of euros a year can be saved by switching to solar energy. That leftover cash can be used more to your liking instead of spending it on increasing household costs.

  1. Live in a healthier home.

There's a reason why so many new houses and developments are choosing clean energy - it makes your home a healthier place to live. Greenhouse gas emissions will be cut down, meaning you can breathe more fresh air every day.

  1. Get incentives for going green.

Here's the big one many people often overlook. There are government grants and tax refunds to gain from installing solar energy systems in your home. It's almost as if you are being paid to generate electricity for your residence!

Solar Heating Systems are the First Step to Reducing Costs

If you're on board to start the clean energy revolution in your home, you can begin with a solar heating system. It will be the first step to making a beneficial change. Solar panels will be installed on your house by professionals - and before you know it - the power of the sun will provide the heating around your home at a reduced cost.

Where Can I Find Solar Heating Systems in Dublin?

As Ireland continues to look for clean energy for the future, more homeware and contractors offer solar options. They may not be immediately available in your local area - but luckily, there's enough information on where to get one. Simply contact us for your solar heating system. Our winters are cold, and more cost-effective heat is always a better option!

Get Your Solar Heating System Setup and Reap the Rewards

Now you understand the advantages to be had in solar energy, you can get started now and start taking in the benefits. There are grants available and we can walk you through the application process. If you're ready to start reaping the rewards of solar energy – Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating is an excellent place to start.

We are just a quick call away: 01 437 9577 or on the mobile: 087 276 8007. If you’d like to send an enquiry, please do so via email:

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