Need a New Central Heating System? Here’s What You Need to Know

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For most people who have been in their home for more than a decade unless it’s a new build or you’ve had a new system installed there’s a high chance your central heating system is older.

You may have noticed rising heating costs or increased repair and maintenance costs .

Chances are that it might be time to think about installing a new central heating system.

But before you do, there are a number of things to consider, not least the return on your investment. When considering a new boiler and central heating system you need to think about how much it will save you per annum, and how much value it will add to your property.

Central heating systems for your home can be expensive, but the reality is that it could save hundreds on your running costs and add the equivalent value to your home, if not more.

There are a few things you need to consider before taking the step towards a new central heating system, at Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating we’ve come across our fair share of badly thought out installations that is costing the householder much more than it should be.

Budget is always the first thing you need to consider when getting anything like this done.  Don’t rely on the costs you see online, or what you ‘think’ it may cost. A reputable, trade body registered plumber will give you a realistic quotation including supply, installation and labour costs.

You also need to think about the characteristics of your property. Are there ‘high traffic’ areas such as living room and bedrooms that need a good constant of heat? Are there areas that are hard to heat at present? Where will you need to combine new heating with better insulation?

And, is it time to consider a combi boiler to provide heat and warm water on demand?

There are no easy answers to these questions, and only a conversation between and your chosen plumber in Dublin will help answer them all, including the chosen brand of boiler, type of fuel, and ongoing costs relating to servicing.

And, it may be that your ideal solution will require additional elements such as expansion vessels and or water storage costs, something that a reputable plumber will advise upon up front.

What cannot be emphasised enough is your commitment to an improved home heating will not be measured in simple monetary value, but by what you envisage, the disruption while work is ongoing, and by believing at the end of all that your house – and you – will be much better off for it.

If it’s not time to consider a new system then having your boiler serviced each year is a must.

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