Low water pressure at home? This is probably why!

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All too often we live with low water pressure in our homes because it’s not the worst problem we have in the house.

However, low water pressure tends to be one of those headaches that drag on for far too long before we decide to do something it and call a plumber in Dublin.

There are a number of reasons why your water pressure could be low and each of these reasons will normally require a different remedy.

PROBLEM: The most common reason is faulty fixtures such as taps or shower-heads, especially if they are old. They may have been clogged by rust, limestone or general ‘dirt’. This stops flow and importantly reduces the quality of your water.

SOLUTION: You can find out which fixture is causing the problem by turning on your taps one at a time to see which one the problem is with.

If, however, all of your taps have poor pressure then there are potentially more issues.

PROBLEM: If you live in an older house corroded pipes will reduce water pressure, never mind the foul taste from rusty tasting water.

SOLUTION: If this is the case it will be an expensive fix – but one that is necessary. And, it is an issue that only a qualified plumber in Dublin can tackle.

This can also be the case with clogged pipes. Beyond rusted pipes clogged pipes must be tackled by a qualified plumber. It is too complex for even competent DIYers to take on. And, if messed up the water may not be fit for human consumption.

PROBLEM: Leaks can cause reduce water pressure – and while it easy to identify the more obvious leaks hidden leaks can be anywhere in the building. Often the only sign is damp spots.

SOLUTION: The source of the damp needs to be traced before the leak becomes worse.  If you are having problems locating the leak don’t wait until the problem gets to crisis point and you need an emergency plumber.  Remember that damp will affect the value of your property – so it needs to be tackled quickly and efficiently.  If you don’t know what you’re doing at least get a plumber to assess the problem for you.

It is also worth checking your water valve to make sure it is fully open.

Check with your neighbours.

Problems can also occur outside if the mains supply has a leak or hasn’t the required pressure. This is something that your local authority needs to tackle. It could be that your neighbours are experiencing the same issues, so it is worth asking.

Whatever is causing low pressure is something not to be taken lightly. If you are in any doubt, or there is potentially serious issue such as corroded pipes or blockage contact a qualified plumber.

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