5 Signs Your Boiler Needs Servicing

Have you noticed that your gas or oil bills are much higher than normal? Or have you noticed any of the following; More often than not, it is generally a lot easier to maintain an existing boiler once it is regularly serviced and not when it breaks down (this involves a lot more work and cost). So […]

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Low water pressure at home? This is probably why!

All too often we live with low water pressure in our homes because it’s not the worst problem we have in the house. However, low water pressure tends to be one of those headaches that drag on for far too long before we decide to do something it and call a plumber in Dublin. There […]

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7 Steps to Bleed Your Home Heating System Before Considering an Oil Boiler Service

One of the most common call-outs for plumbers in Dublin is to bleed an oil-fired boiler. However, if you are confident and prepared you can do this task yourself. By following the series of simple steps it means you can undertake this, without the need for an expensive visit. The first of these is to […]

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