Is It Time To Replace Your Boiler?

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In and around Dublin there are many properties that have ageing heating systems, with houses that are decades old, and more. Many householders do not realise that their properties may be costing them hundreds every year through an inefficient and old boiler.

Newer boilers are geared up to be more efficient and safer.

However, be aware that if you are considering having a new boiler installed avoid the hard sale, and instead speak to a registered Dublin plumbing and heating expert. They are qualified not only to install a new gas or oil boiler but to advise on the best make and type, whether it will be suitable for your house or any other issues surrounding your system.

We, at Kieron Murphy Plumbing and Heating have an experienced, trained team that can provide these services.

Many times we have been called to repair or service boilers that are too old, too expensive and could be described as being on their last legs.

No one wants to see hundreds of euros go up in smoke. Indeed, the return-on-investment for a new boiler can be in just two or three years.

While the majority of new boilers we install are for existing homeowners a new trend is emerging - buyers. A thorough survey of the house prior to purchase, whether for yourself or your mortgage company, may include a close look at gas or oil heating and its efficiency.

Excited new buyers will be considering a new bathroom suite and not realise that warm shower or relaxing bath is going to increase their energy costs each month.

When you have your plumber out putting up a ‘fancy’ rainforest shower it would be a good idea to have them look at your boiler. It may just need a regular service, a minor repair, but it could be that a new boiler is not only important in terms of money, but essential in terms of safety.

It’s true that a registered Dublin plumber could be your best friend and the best friend for your bank account!

We are just a quick call away: 01 437 9577 or 087 276 8007.

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