Feeling The Chill? 3 Tips To Get Winter Ready

It is that time of year again when we start to feel the cold snap coming back ❄. The heating hasn’t been on full blast since April and you are reluctantly putting it back on especially with the rising in the cost of living.

We’ve all heard that you need to spend money to make money and so we recommend that you do the following 3 things to prepare effectively for this coming winter:

1. Service Your Boiler

Like your car, your boiler needs to be serviced to ensure it is running effectively especially after being off for so many months. Don’t underestimate the impact that this can have on causing you to  spend more money on fuel than you need to and even worse your heating system has issues turning back on!

2. Powerflush Your Heating System

Think of this like descaling your coffee machine where you add a special chemical to some water and flush it through the whole machine. You see the coffee residue and sludge appear into the container collecting the liquid. Gas and oil fuel can have this same affect on your heating system and if you don’t clear it from the system you will end up paying higher costs. You can easily save yourself 20-30% on your heating bills by powerflushing your systems!

3. Install a Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that is installed on the wall that allows you to heat a room or space to a desired temperature. Think of it as a smarter version of the knob on the radiators where you can manually select the heating level to between 1 and 5. They come in all shapes, sizes and costs but all ultimately they all do the same job of optimising where in your house you want what heat level which in the ends helps you save money on heating costs as not every room has to be heated. 

Cost: for an average apartment or home , the price range is between €400-€650. While this may seem a lot, think about the potential 30% cost saving you will make throughout this winter. Thermostat costs are additional and will vary depending on size of house and need of customer etc.

Contact us at Kieron Murphy Plumbing & Heating on mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: murphykieron@ymail.com to also discuss how a thermostat can make your heating system more energy efficient and any other heating questions you might have.

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