Best Ways to Save Money on Your Heating and Electricity

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Have you ever opened a letter from an energy company, only to be screaming, "how is this costing so much?!" Unquestionably, the costs of heating and electricity are rising in Ireland. We are all looking to reduce these bills and put that money towards something a bit more treasured in our lives. There are definitely a few good ways to save on these bills.

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating and Electricity in Ireland

Many methods of saving money on heating and electricity have been passed down through generations. Some are really effective for your home - some maybe not so much. We've curated a few ways that we've found to be the broadest applications of reducing energy bills in Ireland. Find them below:

1. Switching energy providers to a new one every so often

The growing number of competitors means that more energy providers are vying for your business. Some of them are willing to offer excellent deals to get you on board - with prices that will save you quite a bit of cash. Shop around energy providers maybe every year and see what current deals are on the market!

2. Invest in a more energy-efficient heating system

Older homes and may use machinery that's a bit dated for the current day. They consume a lot of energy and will be very expensive to run against Ireland's rising energy costs. Investing in a brand new heating system may seem it will cost a pretty penny. But heating contractors in Dublin will be able to guide you to save plenty more cash in the future.

3. Switch off any idle appliances

Many household appliances such as televisions, washing machines, and dishwashers will have a standby mode. That means they are always on and ready to spring into action. However, this can consume a lot of energy unnecessarily. When these electrical appliances are not in use - make sure they are switched off completely.

4. Try some energy-conserving practices

There are things you can do that reduce the need for water and heating. Sometimes there's no need to use your appliances at all. Practices like shorter showers, filling up your washing machine, hanging clothes out to dry, wearing thicker jumpers. They all have a massive impact on reducing energy bills. It may seem trivial - but it does work!

5. Keep a good heating contractor in Dublin on retainer

Understandably, every energy-saving method out there may not be available to you. Some excellent contractors in Dublin are committed to helping clients save money. Should you find one, keep their contact details on your phone! When a new cash-saving energy practice becomes known - they will be the first to help.

Speaking to a Professional Might Save You Even More

There are many ways to save money on your heating and electricity bills - some may be unique to your home. Contacting a good heating contractor in Dublin can yield more information tailored to your home. There are professionals available that will be more than happy to discuss your options in reducing your energy bills.

If your boiler needs servicing, we will be happy to provide this service to you. Just contact us on 01 437 9577, on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: and lets talk.

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