6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Radiators

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When it comes to maintaining our central heating systems most people tend to simply wait until something breaks down.

But the problem with that is it can leave you shivering whilst waiting for a plumbing and heating specialist.

Radiators are a key part of heating systems for homes and therefore shouldn’t be neglected.

Here are 6 key signs you need to watch out for that can indicate a bigger problem with your radiators:


1. Needing bled more than usual

Make sure you bleed your radiators when they seem colder than normal or aren’t heating up fully.

If you find most of the radiators in the house are needing bled it could be a sign that one or more of your radiators have an inherent problem. A qualified plumber can advise if the entire system needs flushed, or there are more issues.


2. Don’t ignore leaks

It may seem obvious, but many people write off minor leaks from their radiators. It can be something that can be missed, but small signs of rust around the valve or the pipes can be an indicator of a radiator that has a slow leak. Don’t let it become a major problem.


3. Noisy heating system

If there are constant ‘noises’ when you turn the heating on – and bleeding hasn’t resolved it - there could be an issue with the internal mechanism of our radiators. Remember your radiators work with liquid being heated and an internal problem may be more difficult to notice until the point when they fail all together.


4. Becoming expensive

If running costs for your central heating system are rising, then it could be a sign that either your boiler or radiators are not working efficiently. One thing a lot of people miss is the size of a radiator. Small radiators need to run hotter to make a room comfortable, while a larger radiator such as the ‘double’ radiators will run at a lower temperature to keep the heat at the right level.


5. You may need a boiler replacement

The point may have come that you need to replace your boiler – particularly in older homes. You will need to discuss whether your radiator system can cope, especially if, as above, there are small radiators in more than one room. Make sure when you are discussing the boiler with your plumber you ask about this and get a quotation for the whole system; it’s worth money spent now rather than down the line.


6. Style of your radiators

We’re all used to the boring white radiators – but for modern living you want style as well as efficiency. There are more and more styles of radiator that can complement the contemporary home interior. Chrome, black, upright – name what you need, and your plumber is the person who can tell you just what is available right now.


Although these are all signs of a failing central heating system it’s important not to jump in at the deep end and try to “tinker” yourself.  If you have good DIY knowledge you may be able to replace single radiators, however, the right plumber in Dublin will be able to assess the system as a whole and make sure there isn’t something more serious wrong with your central heating system.



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