5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

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home-winter-glovesIf you are expecting a frosty winter, there are some important steps that you’ll need to take to ensure that your home is prepared for the brutal onslaught of the force of nature. Fortunately, following some easy to carry out preparations will effectively winterise your home. There are many more than five things you could do to your home depending on a few factors, but here we will cover 5 basic tips any homeowner facing harsh winter temperatures should follow:

1. Weather Proof your Water Supply

When it comes to freezing weather, water is definitely one of the most important considerations as improperly insulated pipes can freeze and cause lasting damage to a property. To weather-proof your water supply, outdoor hose faucets need to be shut off and drained, and the hoses themselves need to be properly drained and stowed away before the cold weather starts. Inspect your home for areas where large amounts of icicles and other frozen water build-up could potentially be a problem. If you do happen to uncover any such areas, be sure to get them seen to as soon as possible. Also, insulating your pipes is essential.

2. Check your Heating System

Most homeowners will know that an out-dated heating system cannot effectively heat an area and it’s more expensive to run. Have a professional check your current heating system to see if it’s up to standard. If there is a problem, it’s time for an upgrade. Although upgrading may seem like a big investment upfront, your pocket will thank you for it in the long-term and you can look forward to huge savings on your electricity bill that will go long beyond the cold winter months.

3. Get your Thermostat Looked at

The thermostat could actually be considered part of the heating system but it is worth mentioning separately for it is the lifeblood of your heating system. A proper-functioning thermostat system is absolutely essential as it determines how well your entire heating system performs. Don’t get daunted by the fancy LED display screens of the newer systems, as they are all mostly user friendly and easy to operate.

4. Windows/Doors/Insulation/Monitors

The windows and doors of a property are where much of the heat escapes so any drafts you feel in your home means heat is escaping and costing you money! Having properly insulated and well-built storm windows and doors can save you a small fortune over the course of the winter season. In order to effectively measure any heat leaks, specialised equipment is needed. Fortunately, this equipment is inexpensive and easy to find so properly diagnosing and fixing any insulating problems in your home is simplified.

5. Use your Common Sense

In addition to all of the above, many of the other winter preparations your home needs are just plain old common sense. Things like sealing off your doors and windows, using thicker curtains, testing your carbon monoxide and fire alarms, stocking up on fuel and checking your home heating oil are all essential if you want to ensure a warm and cosy home this winter.

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