5 Best Central Heating Systems for Your Home in Ireland

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Staying warm during those cold and damp Irish winters is at the top of every homeowner's mind when the season comes around. Are you finding that there isn't enough heat around your property, or energy bills are far too high? It might be time to consider a new central heating system for homes.

5 Central Heating Systems for Homes That Are Best in Ireland

There are a few options at the ready for a central heating system for homes. We've searched far and wide and found the ones that we think are best tailored to Ireland. The factors of cost, effectiveness, and efficiency are considered - all with how easy they are to operate. Don't worry about setting them up - there are pros in Dublin that can help with that! Our top 5 central heating systems for homes include:

1. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is one of the more popular options for homes in Ireland. This is mainly because of the number of benefits it provides. Those include high levels of comfort, energy efficiency, and even heat application throughout the home. The heating system is efficient both in practice and in energy.

2. Air to Water Heat Pumps

Those looking to cut down on their energy costs will find a lot to love with air to water heat pumps. The heating system takes in the air from the outside and uses it to warm up your radiators, water, and other heaters in your home. Costs saved can be up to 75% - that's why businesses and larger homes tend to have air to water heating systems installed.

3. Solar Panels

Environmentally-friendly and a big saver on bills - solar panels are becoming another popular choice in Ireland. Professionals can help install these pieces in your home quickly to start your savings almost instantly and heat your home without producing any carbon emissions. Your neighbours and community will thank you!

4. Wood Pellet Boilers

Those that prefer a more manual way to heat your home would enjoy a wood pellet boiler. Instead of using gas or oil, the device provides hot water and heating by burning wood pellets. The machine would need to be re-fuelled, but it's a great way to keep tabs on the heating around your home - keeping it nice and warm whenever you need it.

5. Heat Recovery Ventilation

A heat recovery ventilation device is a modern approach to central heating for homes in Ireland. They work best with new or renovated homes - but save on cost and energy in the long term. HRV's convert evaporated hot water from bathrooms and kitchens, clean it up, and disperse it around your home like warm, fresh air.

Picking the Right Central Heating Systems For Your Home

Picking the right central heating system may seem a bit overwhelming, considering it's a long-term investment in your property. If you can't find the information you're looking for - or need some help choosing - there a knowledgeable Dublin team specializing in heating system installation. They'd only be too happy to help in picking the best one!

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