Why Hire a Plumber?

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Plumbing is a very complex task and if done incorrectly, can end up costing the home or business owner multiple times more through water damage than it would have originally cost to hire a qualified professional to do the original job. The following are just a few reasons why hiring a plumber is often the best option.

Cost Reduction - Hiring a professional can be daunting when you receive the original quote but there are many expenses that are included in this quote that wouldn’t immediately spring to mind such as buying the pipes and fittings needed, equipment or tool hire, and a person’s time.

There is also a financial security with hiring a plumber; the cost of any damages caused to property while the job is being done will be met by the plumber, and if you find the problem is not properly fixed you can call the plumber in again.

Any damages occurring through DIY plumbing jobs come out of your own pocket and you may still have to surrender and hire a plumber complete the job.

Upgrading Your Home - Upgrading/renovating your home is a big task that requires the skills that only a professional plumber has. When you are moving fixtures and fittings and plumbing you should not even hesitate to hire a qualified plumber.

This is a job that is extremely complex and should be done by a qualified plumber to ensure satisfaction with the completed renovation.

Safety - Fire sprinklers systems in buildings need to be maintained to ensure that they will work effectively in the case of a fire, and this maintenance should be carried out, and documented, by a qualified plumber.

You can then be assured that the system will work effectively and in the event of a fire your insurance provider will look for documentation to prove that every fire prevention and control measure that can be implemented is, and that they are tested and serviced regularly by someone qualified to do so.
Having a sprinkler system fitted by a qualified plumber may also help in reducing building insurance premiums.

Drainage Cleaning - Although a blocked drain can sometimes be cleaned using household products readily available to consumers, a repetitive draining problem should be treated by a plumber. Take, for example, a toilet blockage; often a recurring blockage can be as far down the system as in the mains sewage system, or may even be caused by a tree root.

A plumber has the tools needed to treat the blockage readily available, although you may hire out that equipment, there is often other damage caused to drainage systems through trying to remove the blockage that a plumber would have to repair as part of the contract.

Conservation of water - By having a qualified plumber tend to any plumbing problems you can be certain that there are no leaks in your system. A small leak, if left unrepaired, can add up to thousands of litres over time.

This is costly to our environment, particularly in regions of hot weather where water shortages are a common issue.

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