What is a thermostat and why do you need one? It is a device in your home/office/room that is connected to the central heating system which is used to control the temperature of the heating system by monitoring the ambient temperature in that space. In this way, a thermostat makes a heating system more energy efficient by only heating your home/office/room!

Where is the best place to put your thermostat? A thermostat should be placed in a room that is used frequently, so that it can get accurate temperature. It also needs to be installed on the interior wall and not obstructed by household items.

Where is the worst place to put your thermostat? Never place a thermostat in areas with extreme temperatures, for example above air vents or in direct sunlight or near appliances or electronics and also away from household items,lamps, TVs etc.

Cost: thermostats must be installed with a number of other technical heating parts. The cost will also depend on how many areas you want to apply a thermostat too.  Don’t forget that the SEAI also provides a number of home grants for home energy upgrades (see here). 

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