What Pipes to Choose for Your Home Plumbing System?

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Ireland has a long history - which means some homes have been around for quite some time. Plumbing systems back in the day were not as well-considered as they are today. Homeowners will find that their leaks in their houses may start happening in older properties. Maybe even the water is beginning to taste a bit rough.

If maintenance to your plumbing system is becoming more frequent and the costs are mounting up - it's might be worth changing the pipes. Investment in a new system can save you a lot of money in the future, reduce health hazards and improve general living standards. Homeowners are left with the question, though - what pipes should I choose for a home plumbing system?


What Should I Consider When Choosing Pipes for My Home Plumbing System?

Homeowners are generally looking for pipes that will stand the test of time during their homeownership. Factors include materials that are durable, sustainable, and require minimal maintenance are most sought after. Any pipes that reduce household costs are preferred. Even better when they don't spring leaks and increase the property's value!


3 Popular Types of Pipes for Home Plumbing Systems

With all the pipe factors considered - there are three types of pipes more preferred for Irish homes. All are well manufactured, sustainable, and easy for professionals to install. Should you need to choose new assets for your plumbing system - consider the materials below:


1. PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are probably the most popular choice in Ireland when it comes to installing new pipes. Their significance is how inexpensive they are - but also the further benefits they bring. The material is long-lasting, they don't corrode - and they are easy to install. The only downside is you may need an additional water filter with the new installation due to possible manufacturing chemicals rubbing off on the pipes.


2. Copper Pipes

Anyone looking for that timeless home visual aesthetics would prefer the copper pipes. They certainly look as beautiful as they function! Copper pipes are made from recycled material showing your friendliness to the environment - and they are strong, requiring little maintenance. They are subject to a bit more corrosion as metal, however. Not to mention they are the most expensive of the bunch.


3. PEX Pipes

PEX pipes have become the professional plumbers' choice when it comes to installing new systems. Their flexibility, strength, and sustainability make them very easy to install, with little post-maintenance required. It's estimated that they can last over 100 years - being a very beneficial plumbing system to your home. After installation - water may taste a little plastic for a while - but that does disappear.


Ready to Revamp Your Home Plumbing System?

If your plumbing system is becoming more trouble than it's worth - it might be time to change the pipes. We are expert plumbing contractors in Dublin, highly knowledgeable about the best systems to install in your home. Ready for a home revamp? Give us a call to discuss options: 01 437 9577, on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: murphykieron@ymail.com


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