Tips for Good Insulation this Winter

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We have learned from recent research and documentaries that a home can never have too much insulation.  

In a normal household, it is estimated that about half of the heating or cooling will escape through its windows, walls, roof and floor. You don’t need us to tell you how much energy waste that equates to.

Firstly, it’s energy that needs to be paid for and, secondly, letting that energy freely escape from your home is doing no good for the environment in which you’re living.

That said; there are many ways of saving that vital energy during the cool of autumn and the cold of the winter months ahead. We’re about to share some of them right here…

Properly insulate your home

By taking the necessary steps to adequately insulate your home, drafts will be reduced or eliminated completely, your heating costs will lessen and excessive sound that might have annoyed you before will be reduced and, in some cases, muted.

Insulation should be installed in the areas of your home where the most energy escapes. This is the attic for the majority of homeowners in Ireland. Getting a professional plumbing and heating company to insulate your attic and all piping in your home before winter arrives is also a great idea.

Pinpoint the areas of your home where heat is escaping

Whether you live in a newly constructed town house or an old cottage, it is vital that you pinpoint the problem areas of your home that’s letting heat escape. Generally speaking, those who live in older homes that haven’t been insulated will have a lot more areas to worry about than homeowners that live in newer structures.

In older homes about 50% of heating is lost through the roof, 35% through the walls and 25% through the windows. The following are some effective steps to take if you want to see a dramatic decrease in these percentages…

  • Installing double-glazed windows is a sure way of keeping in the heat and blocking out street noise and pollution.  

  • Insulating the roof and walls is the most effective way of preserving energy in the home.

  • Fit draught excluders to the letterbox and all outside doors.
  • Get heavy, well-lined curtains to help curb those draughts around the windows. Also, by opening curtains during the day, natural sunlight will flood your rooms and heat them up.  

  • Keep all furniture well away from radiators and heating devices to allow heat to move directly into the room.  

  • Install thermostats on all boilers and radiators.  

  • Clear all guttering and drains as this may contribute to making the walls cold and damp.  

  • Place carpets and rugs throughout the home to help block the rising cold coming up through the floor. They will also keep everybody’s feet cosy and warm.

  • Invest in a chimney balloon to prevent draughts from coming down your chimney and heat from going up it.

Keeping your home well insulated this winter doesn’t have to break the bank. There are some actionable steps that you can take today to reduce your heating bill and keep your living area warm and cosy as the nights get cooler and cooler.

That said; taking greater steps such as insulating your attic and getting your heating system serviced will have a bigger impact in the long-term.

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