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I run a small business and have a number of rental properties in addition to my home. I have used the services of number of plumbers over the years and have had difficulty either with availability, reliability, quality of knowledge/expertise and work and with the provision of receipts for payment necessary in the running of the business and the rentals. Kieron and his team are complete professionals. Firstly, he has an excellent online presence which you don’t often find with plumbers. I found him via Google and was able to view his site as well as previous customer testimonials which gave me the confidence to contact him. The particular problem I had had was not an easy one to diagnose – a constant dropping of pressure in the heating system which would cause the gas-boiler to not function but with no sign of any leaks. I had spent €700 in call out fees and having another plumber service the boiler and drain and refill the entire heating system only for the problem to continue. Additionally, this is a rental property and my wife and had twin girls at the time so I couldn’t be there but really needed the problem resolved to continue to rent the property and make the mortgage.

Kieron came down and provided me with an assessment and diagnoses – at no cost – and clearly explained to me in ‘lay-mans terms’ what the issue was and what would be needed to fix it. The work had to be completed over two separate visits so that it could be done right. I didn’t have to be there – he got on with it and let me know what needed to be done. What’s more, he made a third and final visit a number of days later to allow time to establish whether the problem had been resolved or not. They fixed it!

Only after he was then satisfied that the problem had been resolved did Kieron invoice me. Like every modern business but unlike any plumber I had worked with before, he was able to send me a soft-copy of his invoice by email for my records and allow me to pay him be electronic bank transfer. Seems simple but was a first for me. He even sent me a questionnaire to complete which, again, show’s his commitment to quality.

I will definitely be calling Kieron when I need any of the services that he and the team provides in the future and I will actively be recommending his services to others.

Killian MacDonald, Simply Fitness, Milltown

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