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My central heating had not been working efficiently for some time. I had problems with the radiators as they did not heat up fully and had cold spots and the boiler was noisy. The problem with the two large radiators in my kitchen diner was more severe as the cold spots spanned about 80% of the radiators. It.was only the top couple of inches of the radiato that heated up and my kitchen diner was always cold.

I tried to bleed the radiators myself on many occasions but this did not work. I called Kieron Murphy who called to my house to detect the problem. Kieron diagnosed sludge build up and corrosion deposits in the system and this accounted for the cold radiators and noisy boiler. As it was an old central heating system, I thought that I was faced with having the cost of replacing the boiler, central heating system and radiators. I was delighted when Kieron recommended using a Powerflushing and Inhibitor system to solve the problem. Kieron advised that as well as solving the problems with the cold spots and noisy boiler, Powerflushing would also increase the life span of my central heating system, boiler and radiators and reduce my fuel bills.

Kieron carried out the work quickly and efficiently with no disruption to the running of my home. Since the work has been carried out, all of my radiators are emitting heat to their full capacity and the boiler is no longer noisy.
A benefit that I had not anticipated is the reduction of my fuel bill and the amount of money I have saved on the cost of oil.

I value Kieron's integrity, knowledge and service by recommending Powerflushing and Inhibitor and I am happy to recommend Kieron Murphy Plumbling & Heating.

Veronica, Co.Wicklow

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