Solar Water Heating Systems in Ireland – Main Challenges & Benefits

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Have you ever thought of being a better friend to the Irish environment - changing up your appliances to go more eco-friendly? Maybe you're just looking to save a few extra euros on bills - we all want to save some pennies after all!

Whatever your thoughts, solar water heating systems are becoming a popular concept in Ireland. More people are considering having them installed - but do think of the challenges against the benefits of having one.

Naturally, every piece of machinery when it comes to heating water has a few challenges. Solar water heating systems are a relatively new entity in Irish homeownership - and some have some concerns in installing them.

The benefits, however, can set your home up for the future. These are some significant challenges and benefits when thinking about a solar water heating system.

3 Challenges of Solar Water Heating Systems in Ireland

1. You'll need roof space to accommodate all the solar panels

Not every Irish home has enormous roof space. To get a solar water heating system going - solar panels will need to be installed on top of a house's roof. You may not get the water heated up to the levels desired in good time without enough panels. Professional installation can usually find ways to remedy this, however!

2. Ireland doesn't have as much sunlight as some other places

We all know Ireland isn't the sunniest place in the world. There are concerns that there would not be enough sunlight to power the solar panels and effectively heat up your solar water heating system. However, that's a myth as they can be powered by indirect sunlight. Even when it's overcast, they will be charging up.

3. A new hot water cylinder may be required

As solar water heating systems are unique - the new installation may require a tailored cylinder to be raised along with it. There may be an additional expense to this - but professionals will always walk you through what needs to be done and how much it will cost. In the end - the energy savings will most likely outweigh the initial investment.

3 Benefits of Solar Water Heating Systems in Ireland

1. You'll save a lot more on energy bills

The benefit that always gets attention - solar water heating systems save a lot more on energy bills. Electricity and gas don't seem to be getting any cheaper - and if you're looking to spend those pennies elsewhere - the cost of installations is well worth the future savings.

2. There's much better energy efficiency with a solar water heating system

Solar water heating systems turn the sun's radiation into energy - doing all the work for you. That heat energy is stored and converted into hot water without any assistance from electrical applications. That process makes the installation incredibly efficient - contributing to reducing costs, home value, and structural integrity.

3. Maintenance, even though required, is low in comparison

One of the best features of a solar water heating system is that it rarely breaks down. There aren't too many fiddly machine parts that can wither away or become loose. Professionally installed systems are estimated to last around 20 years without and major repairs required. Even more, cash is saved not having to call someone out frequently!

Installing a Solar Water Heating System in Ireland May Be Right for You

Feel the benefits of a solar water heating system in Ireland outweigh the challenges? It might be time to consider installation! Professional services will definitely get the best out of the new system and make sure it stands the test of time. There is a company here with a knowledgeable team - experts at installing solar water heating systems.

If you are considering installing solar water heating system, we are here to answer all your questions. Feel free to contact our experts on 01 437 9577, on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: and lets talk.

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