Plumbing Services for an Old House - 5 Things to Know

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Older homes are the pride and joy of Ireland. Old Dublin houses have so much history and experience behind them - with tales to tell for generations. Many of their residents want to preserve them - not only to keep the structure intact - but to ensure it maintains its value as well.

A fair concern of homeowners with older properties is the plumbing systems - exposed to the most wear and tear within the structure. Looking to keep your older home habitable and hospitable? You may want to think about plumbing services in Dublin to make sure there are no potential issues.

5 Things to Know About Plumbing Services for an Old House

If you have an older home in Dublin, there are some things you will want to know about the plumbing system. While it could be fine, there is an increased concern over their integrity with years of use. It's better safe than sorry to have plumbing services come and have a look to make sure your family is safe and secure. Here are a few things that likely need to be addressed:

1. The fixtures in your older home could be outdated

One of the biggest problems older homes face are fixtures for plumbing systems becoming outdated - and a hazard for their integrity. The materials that make them up will erode and deteriorate - potentially causing leaks and unpleasant smells throughout your home. It's a good idea to have a plumber look at these fixtures before damage is caused.

2. Your home may have galvanized piping

Irish homes built around the 1960s may have very well used galvanized piping to create the plumbing system. The materials used to construct them are iron and zinc. These are subject to erosion when exposed to excessive water. After a long period - this corrosion can rub off into your home's water.

3. Drains may have issues from years of use

If you know that your home is older - the drainage systems would have had years of wear and tear. Decades worth of dirty water, scum, chemicals, and other potential blockages would have passed through. The pile-ups will make older home utilities see some clogging, where a Dublin plumber will need to come around and fix clear the pipes.

4. The plumbing system in your older home could have seen a series of bad repairs

It's unlikely you'll know the plumbing history of the home before you purchased it. But even if you started living there a while ago - the repairs made to the plumbing systems may not have been the best. It's almost definitely seen some changes or fixes, and it's better safe than sorry to consider having healthier pipes installed.

5. Old pipes can shift and cause blockages

Old homes weren't developed under the same standards as we have today. That means that they have the potential to move slightly after years of living in them. Should that happen, pipes underneath the house may shift downwards and end up sloping. You'll see that there will be a fair few blockages or restrictions on water flow.

There are Plumbing Services in Dublin That Understand Old Houses

Concerned about the plumbing system in your older home? Plumbing experts understand aged pipes and utilities like the backs of their hands. There are plumbing services in Dublin that can come and investigate what needs to be changed or fixed. Here are some plumbers with an honest and trustworthy opinion about servicing older homes.

If you need plumbing services, feel free to contact our plumbing and heating experts on 01 437 9577, on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email us: and let’s talk.

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