How to Deal With a Plumbing Leak in Your Home

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Every household dreads the sound of dripping when you don’t expect it, and damp slippers from where the floor should be dry. It is a sort of inevitability during your lifetime as a homeowner or tenant that you will experience some type of leak.

They can range from a simple tap that won’t close properly through to a cascade through the ceiling and down the walls.

If it is a tap that is dripping most householders are competent enough to handle it themselves – the internet can support you in this relatively simple task, but for anything more than that YouTube won’t help you and you can cause more damage.

Before you call your local plumber it is absolutely essential to identify the cause of the leak and then take appropriate action to minimise the damage.

The first thing you need to do is to switch off the water.  For issues like a damaged showerhead switching off the stopcock will suffice. This is probably under the kitchen sink, or in a utility room if you have one.

However, for more serious issues, such as pipes leaking it is necessary to turn off the mains valve. Don’t know where it is? Check now, make sure it turns easily, and should the worst happen, you can act quickly. And, the next time you have your plumber out for regular maintenance, for example on your boiler, ask them to check it.

You will also need to know where the isolating valve for your water tank or boiler.

Once you have turned off the water it is essential to check electricity. Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. That mix can at best cause short circuits, at worst fires and risk to life. It cannot be emphasised enough that you do this. Whether it is water in a light fitting, or down the wall near switches or plugs don’t hesitate. Turn off the electricity. The mains switch will be beside your fuse box.

Once you have identified the leak and turned off the water you need to call your local plumber.  When you are speaking to them make sure you describe the problem in detail and ensure you know what the call out fee is as well as ongoing costs.

When a leak sprouts at home it’s easy to sit back and wait for the plumber to fix the problem and then embark on the cleanup.  However, by cleaning up and drying out as much as possible as early as possible you can reduce any lasting water damage that might be caused by the leak.

Getting the right plumber in Dublin is imperative.  You want to create a relationship with your plumber so that they get to know your home system making it easier for them to work with you on any further issues you may have.

When choosing a plumber make sure you check their qualifications and ensure they are a registered member or a professional organization.

If you find yourself dealing with a leak in your home regardless of whether big or small, call Kieron Murphy Plumbing & Heating on 087-276-8007

When it comes to leaks prevention is much better than having to react to problems as they arise.  Like a dentist at Kieron Murphy Plumbing & Heating we would identify any potential problems in your system by carrying out regular maintenance checks.

Of course, our emergency plumbing response is always ready for you, but having your boiler and central heating system serviced each year is a must – and while we are doing that we can possibly identify other issues that may crop up.

We are here to help should you need us, give us a call on the numbers below:

01 437 9577


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