Building a New Home? - Here’s What You Need to Ask The Plumber

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It’s everyone’s dream to have their new house built – a home designed for their own needs.

More and more people across the country are taking on these mammoth construction projects themselves and the one thing that’s essential to get right first time is the plumbing and heating.

The exciting part is buying the land and working with the architect, but before you even think about laying any foundations it’s a good idea to sort out your utilities.  From central heating systems, showers, toilets and en suite bathrooms to your kitchen and more it’s important to get it right.

Not only do you have your own high standards but there are industry standards and regulations that you must ensure your house adheres to.  Having the right plumber do the job will take care of this.

Even if your builder is recommending a plumber in Dublin or plumbing company you must make sure you ask the right questions before agreeing to them.

First of all you need to make sure that they are registered with the appropriate trade organisation. That’s a virtual guarantee of quality and tradesmanship, but more importantly proof that they meet the professional standards associated with issues such as installing gas heating systems.

It’s also important that you can inspect their website, see the address and examine testimonials. A reputable plumber will be happy to not only show you testimonials but to put you in touch with previous clients.

Design is something that you may have discussed with your architect and builder but a good plumber can tell you exactly what is possible and within your budget.

You may have dreamed about having a wet room complete with shower and cast iron bath, but is it possible, will the ceilings have enough load bearing – and will it be blowing the budget?

Equally you may want that fridge freezer with the drinks dispenser, but remember it needs to be plumbed in to get that ice cold water.

It is more often than not that these small details that get overlooked. And, that’s why it is vital to pick the right plumber and work with them closely at every stage. To give just one example a client wanted an island in the middle of their kitchen with a sink, but had never considered that it needed to be plumbed until well after the concrete had been poured for the floor.

And, then there is the issue of radiators. Sure, you may think that your plumber will just be installing your boiler, but they can advise where is the best place to have them before the floor is down. At the same time any other advanced systems such as underfloor heating or solar heating systems need planned in partnership with your plumber.

All in all when building a new house, or re-developing a home it’s essential to work in partnership with your plumber, by keeping the dialogue going any doubts you may have will be removed and you’ll have a valuable asset in explaining what can, and cannot be done…and, more importantly, how much it will all cost.

When it is time to choose a plumber for your new home, we hope you will contact us.



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