Boiler Repair or Replacement – What is Better for Your Home

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There's nothing worse than facing a boiler breakdown in the middle of a cold Irish winter. Broken boilers can leave you freezing because a piece of the machinery needs replacing. Or maybe the dated system simply doesn't work anymore.

When plumbing services in Dublin come to address the issues, often they'll present you with the option of replacing or repairing the boiler. Here's what to know what the best option is to ensure the long-term health of your home.

Choosing Between Boiler Repair or Replacement for the Long Term

There are a few factors to consider when considering having your boiler replaced or repaired for long-term benefit. Safety, costs, and minimizing future issues are the core values in the train of thought. We've outlined a few reasons why, and under what circumstances, you should either have your boiler repaired or replaced.

Why Should You Have Your Boiler Repaired?

Without question, having your boiler repaired is the quickest and most cost-effective option. This may be the best option if your home faces a heating emergency or a long time without hot water. The complexity of repair is something to consider as well, however. The plumber may recommend a completely new boiler if the cost of repair and job's intricacy outweighs the cons of a new boiler. You should have your boiler repaired, though, if:

  • There is a minor issue with your boiler easily fixed
  • The quoted cost of repair is low
  • The boiler is still under warranty
  • Replacement parts are readily available
  • You face a long period without a boiler if a new one is installed

Why Should You Have Your Boiler Replaced?

Having your boiler replaced is time-consuming and costly - but in some cases may be the better investment for the long term. If you find that your boiler is starting to breakdown frequently and repairs are becoming more complicated - it might be time to get a new one. A new boiler will reduce the total costs, safety hazards, and security concerns of your home. The signs to consider a new boiler would be:

  • Repairs are becoming more costly and frequent
  • The boiler is out of warranty
  • Replacement parts are no longer available
  • There are future safety concerns with repairs
  • You prefer a more secure home for the future

Is There a Better Option for the Long Term?

A replaced boiler would be the better option for the long term when considering your home's future. However, this may not always be the most viable option in present circumstances. Should you find yourself becoming increasingly worried about your boiler - it may be time to invest in a new one.

Dublin Boiler Repair and Replacement Services Can Help Decide

So, what the best option is for a healthy long-term boiler? There are some reliable Dublin boiler and replacement services that can help decide. They will make recommendations based on the current situation - and make sure you are absolutely content with the decision to either repair or replace your boiler.

We can save you money by giving you the best advice on your boiler. Feel free to contact us on 01 437 9577, on the mobile: 087 276 8007 or email: and lets talk.

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