Boiler Maintenance

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Proper boiler maintenance can actually help homeowners save money and keep their home safe. While some people may consider this a difficult task, boiler maintenance can actually become a rather easy and simple task. The reason behind this is that modern boilers are considered foolproof devices and they do not require too much attention.

Two Types of Boiler Maintenance

There are two types of boiler maintenance. The first one is the reactive boiler maintenance and the second one is the proactive boiler maintenance. Reactive maintenance can be described as repairs made only whenever there is failure. For this type of maintenance, there is no proper planning and no anticipation for repairs, which are required to prevent any failure. Repairs are made only when the boiler device fails to operate. The cost that is associated with boiler repairs is typically high, which includes labor expenses on overtime basis as well as the associated downtime.

On the other hand, proactive maintenance is taking measures that can prevent any boiler problems. This actually pays the dividends in peaking boiler maintenance as well as ensuring overall safety of the people living in the house. This type of maintenance also involves real time monitoring of the boiler to ensure that it is in good working condition.

Essential Guide In Effective Boiler Maintenance

Boiler maintenance is doable. Here are some tips on boiler maintenance that you can try:

• Inspect The Boiler Every Year. For homeowners who do not make use of their boiler during the warm season, they should practice inspecting the boiler before the cold seasons. The time of inspection will depend on the months when it becomes cold. The inspection that is needed does not necessarily have to be intense or serious as long as you know how the boiler is operated. When checking the boiler, you have to make sure that there are no damages or cracks.

Moreover, there should not be any water leaking from the boiler. This is definitely not a difficult task since all you will need to do would be to take a closer look at the boiler. You should also try to turn it on and fire the boiler up. After this, you should watch how the boiler operates. You should check for any leaks and steam from escaping the boiler while it works. If ever there are leaks or cracks, you will need to shut it down right away and call the maintenance technician to check on it.

• Ensure That The Pressure Gauge is Available and Functioning. Homeowners should always make sure that there is a pressure gauge on their boiler before running it. Moreover, they should always inspect it every month during the seasons that the boiler is operating. You can check on the boiler manual to determine the correct pressure of the boiler. If the pressure is different compared to the standard pressure on the manual, you will likely need a boiler maintenance.

• Always Keep The Boiler Clear. Ideally, it is best to keep the area where the boiler is placed clear. You should never store any material that can easily be melted or catch fire near the boiler. Items like furniture, appliances, papers, aerosol cans, paint, and gasoline should be kept well away from the boiler.

• Consult A Professional Boiler Technician. It is also ideal to have the boiler serviced by a professional technician. This way, your boiler can be checked by an expert to ensure that it can safely work when needed.

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