8 Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a Plumber in Dublin

We all hope it’ll never happen but inevitably at some point or another, as a homeowner, we’ll need a plumber in Dublin.

Whether it’s routine work on your heating and plumbing or a leak, fitting a bathroom or kitchen or a more serious issue hiring a plumber should be done with care.

Ideally we’d like to be in the position to arrange an oil boiler service or other such work in order to be prepared before an issue arises, however, the reality is most people are usually frantically Googling "emergency plumber" followed by a panicked call to whoever pops up first in the list.

Regardless of whether you’re knee deep in water, the boiler is banjaxed or you’re one of the few sensible people planning in advance here are a 8 questions to grill your Dublin plumber, including me, before you agree to any job.

1. Are they registered with a trade organisation

Any reputable plumber or plumbing company will be registered with the proper trade organisation as both a craftsperson and a gas certification to install and maintain boilers. And, if you’re not sure, most trade organisations have a register that you can check.

2. Check their website

It may seem the most obvious thing, but a website can tell you a lot about a Dublin plumbing company. Do they have detailed explanations about their services? Also, most good plumbers will have a blog or hints and tips about the easy jobs you can do yourself. Most importantly, do they have their address on the site?

3. Are they insured

Most legitimate plumbers will be insured to a certain amount.  Genuine plumbers will be prepared to show their insurance certificate to you.

4. Enquire about their previous work

Testimonials and reviews are one way to see what a plumber has done for previous customers. Photographs of work, or even better contact details of previous clients can all make sure you have piece of mind.

5. Are their rates transparent

Any type of routine or emergency work can take a huge chunk out of your bank balance. Reputable plumbers will be more than happy to explain what their rates are, how much any work is going to cost and the length of time work can take. They should be prepared to put it in writing too. And, remember cheap doesn’t mean value for money.

6. Ask the length of time they have been in business

A good plumber – either an individual or larger firm – will have been in business for several years.

7. Are they able to provide a full service

When it comes to larger work such as a new bathroom or kitchen they should be able to offer services through partners such as tiling.

8. Do they offer 24 hours cover

You never know when an emergency will arise, so make sure your preferred plumber offers the service, or is part of a network of emergency plumbers.

Remember that getting a good plumber is something that will stand you in good stead for many a year. Whether it is work keeping your heating in tip top condition, fitting that special new bathroom or pulling you out of the proverbial hole when the bath is leaking through the ceiling your plumber will be your tradesman for life.

We are here to help should you need us, give us a call on the numbers below:




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