Why you should Consider Installing a Solar Water Heating System

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solar-water-heaters-on-roofSolar water heating systems, or solar thermal systems, use solar panels or collectors that are fitted onto a roof to heat water in a water tank that’s connected to them. This warm water can then be used as a source of water for various household tasks and it can even be used as a source of heating. When it comes to solar water heating systems, there are many different models on the market, and which one you choose will totally depend on the size of your household among other factors.

If you’re not yet entirely convinced on why installing a solar water heating system could be so beneficial for you and all that reside in your household, the following are just three of the many reasons why so many people are leaning towards this environmentally friendly option:

Reason #1 - Energy Independence


By installing your own solar water heating system on your roof, you are getting one big step closer to being independent from the big energy companies. You don’t have to rely on them to supply you with hot water and heating and therefore, you will no longer be susceptible to their dramatic increases in prices. As long as there is sun you will have energy, and depending on the system you use, you might only need the utilities as backup on rare occasions.


Reason #2 - Money Savings


Obviously, one of the main advantages of installing your own solar water heating system is that you will make huge savings on your electricity bills. Regardless of if you decide to use solar water heating as a backup or as your main source of electricity, you will notice a significant decrease in your bills.


Again, how much you save will largely depend on the system you use, the capacity, the orientation of your roof, and your utility costs. Many users have reported cuts of a whopping 50-100% in their utility bills so know that this is possible if you choose the right system. Considering these savings, it will be easy to recoup the initial installation and purchase costs of your system within only a few years after its installation. The government often offers incentives for homeowners to invest in solar water heating, which, if applicable, will cut your costs even further.


Reason #3 - Environmental Impact


This is arguably the most important advantage of installing a solar water heating system in your home. The sun is the cleanest form of energy available to us and is abundant, even in colder countries. We all know that most energy is gained by burning dirty fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. There are countless environmental troubles associated with these dirty forms of energy with air and water pollution, mountaintop removal, contamination of ground water, and global climate being only a few of the problems.


And despite its often green-washed image, nuclear power comes with its own risks of environmental destruction that are unacceptable and unnecessary, as sustainable sources of energy are abundant and affordable. By using your own solar water heater on your roof you ensure that you don’t support the fossil fuel companies and are choosing a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.


So, if you want to avail of lower electricity bills, gain energy independence and all while having a positive impact on our environment, join the people all over Ireland who are choosing to install solar water heating systems in their homes.


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